At Flourish Consult, we are all writers of varying pedigrees. We agree on the intrinsic power of writing to connect people and businesses to opportunities.

We have over 8 years experience in writing and editing and had used the power of writing to access several opportunities.

We know that opportunities have the potential to transform lives and we desire that people everywhere access opportunities they crave. We are here to help them do that.

At Flourish Consult, we are committed to changing your world, one word at a time,

We offer :

  • Writing, Editing and Branding Services.
  • We provide personalized content writing services to businesses, blogs and media firms.
  • We provide top notch personal branding services.
  • We connect people to Jobs, Scholarships, grants and opportunities.

Our Services

Opportunities abound in Africa for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses. We offer the following services to connect them to these opportunities.


We are committed to providing personalized content to engage client customers across all media platform. We provide content to cconnect our clients to new customers and business opportunities.


We believe that all good business ideas are valuable. We help entrepreneurs refine their business ideas and connect them to grants and business partnership opportunities.


We are a full service writing firm. We help authors and scholars refine and put their ideas down. Do you have an idea for a book? Let’s help you develop it.


Even if you’ve written the book, article or essay, no worries, we can still help. We will proof read and edit any work to a professional standard, try us.


We are experienced writers with excellent written work portfolios. We help students and professionals brand themselves through our CV writing, cover letter and LinkedIn optimization services.


We provide top notch corporate branding services leveraging excellent graphic designs, brand statements ad strategy to connect your business to a wider market.


Scholarships, jobs, foreign admissions and grants are often linked with writing lengthy applications and essays. At Flourish Consult, we have experienced essay writers who can take the burden of applying off your chest.

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